Boost your trading with technical analysis of historical prices and by taking into consideration planned and unplanned financial events.

Trading stocks has been a popular way to invest capital and grow wealth. Once the companies come public, anyone is allowed to trade its stocks. Trading gives that outstanding opportunity of making profits by speculating on the direction of the price. There is no need to be the owner of the stocks, you simply trade on the price. The more traders prefer a stock, the more its value will grow with time, the more the company and the traders will profit. 

You can start trading stocks by just opening a trading account with Horizon Invest. It takes three steps to have your account activated. Open trades and manage them with the advanced features of our platforms. Use without doubts stop loss and take profit features to protect your capital. Put some limits when the trades will be closed automatically, and your capital will be safe.  


Invest your capital in the most profitable financial instrument: Stocks

For any trader who is open to new opportunities and is not afraid to deal with a certain level of risk, trading stocks is a way to boost their wealth. With stocks you will trade across sectors, geographies and industries, this is why they are considered outstanding shots in the market.

1) Powerful asset to generate income
2) Leverage power applied

3) Good asset to balance your portfolio
4) Stocks historical prices available

5) Risk management tools available

Boosting profits

Stocks performance change as time goes by. Stocks have a habit, once the company announces new products or services, stocks prices go up. It is a great moment to grow your profits.


Stocks are traded on a daily basis, all around the world. This makes them dynamic, powerful and flexible to trade anytime during the day. You can jump quickly from one position to another from buying to selling.

Profit in both direction

Markets go up and down. The beauty is that you can open buy or sell positions and profit while the prices go up or down. You decide which company is suitable to invest at a particular moment , and what direction to go.

Main Stock Markets

Italian Stocks

We have chosen most esteemed italian companies and you can invest your capital in any of them. They are available in both MetaTrader 4 and Web Trader. Trading in international italian brands like Ferrari, Intesa SanPaolo is one single click away. Among many European companies available to trade with us, there are many italian ones worth investing your capital on. They come with a considerable annual growth which leads to medium and long term profits.

German Stocks

The German stocks are very profitable because german companies are among the oldest and most powerful stocks in the world. Since the German economy is currently the largest economy in the old continent, trading on its stocks is a smart yet challenging enough choice and requires a lot of efforts to study the patterns of the price stocks.

British Stocks

The United Kingdom economy stays in the top 5 world economies. The U.K. is made up of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The economy is well diversified and life quality is considered to be high. The economic sectors which give the biggest contribution to the UK’s GDP are tourism, constructions, manufacturing and services.

Spanish Stocks

The Spanish economy comes 5th in the European economy. It used to come right after Germany in the car manufacturing industry. The country is also known for other industries and specialities. Spain offers an attractive market, with state-of-the-art infrastructures and able to promise future growth. Spanish companies do not access only the spanish market, they have full access to European, Middle East and North Africa markets.

Main Stocks Live Prices

Stocks Live Prices