Trading Standards

We are upfront about commissions, speed and other trading standards, so you can make well thought decisions.
You can see detailed trading conditions for each of the accounts, in the account page. Study them and decide
with which account you will start, the short and long term goals.

Horizon Invest general account specifications

Our transparent trading conditions, specified in each account will give you a clue where to start and how. Before you start executing your trades, check how many assets can you trade, what platforms to use, leverage and spreads levels. Know in advance how much your trading will cost. We are committed to assisting you to trade on your terms. Click the button to see the account specifications.

Horizon Invest general platform specifications

MetaTrader 4 is available for any operating system available, desktop and mobile based. With the most advanced trading tools integrated inside the platform you will go through an exceptional trading experience. Enrich your trades with technical analysis and tools available all the time for your trading account. Click the button to check the features.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to create an easy trading process and a successful trading experience for all our traders. We are committed to providing great service on a daily basis by day, so we are sure our mission is completed everyday. We are focused on our improvement process by updating our technology, techniques, trading methodologies and adapting them with clients needs.

Our vision is to have a highly qualitative trading service, supporting clients to make the most out of the market, and supporting our partners and employees to achieve the maximum of their potential.

Our values

We support different opinions and ideas. We provide honest, ethical, open and transparent business partnership.

The contribution of each client is very important for us. People express themselves through their work, ideas and determination.

When people work together, the results are better and clients always end up the happiest. We truly appreciate the working group and we support it without limits.

Attention to Employee
We seek for the best talents in the trading industry. They bring their passion and expertise in our working environment. Collaboration among employees and managers has made our company the best in the market.