Indices have a major impact on economies and are considered reliable indicators of how healthy an economy is. They represent an economy sector, showing in numbers how the industry is going. Trading indices is like trading a whole market at once. An index is composed of many huge companies of the same sector, which will expose your capital to larger opportunities. Even if some of the companies are not doing good, the others will have their back and you will still be profitable. 

The most popular indices are: The FTSE 100, UK’s 100 largest companies by market capitalization; Dow Jones, US’ 30 biggest companies; The DAX, 30 German biggest companies; NASDAQ 100, 100 largest tech companies in the US; Nikkei 225, Japan’s 225 biggest price-weighted index; CAC 40, France’s 40 biggest companies by capitalization.


Trade your favorite group of stocks according to industries & business categories

Indices will help you meet your goal by trading in a variety of stocks. Horizon Invest offers dedicated trading conditions for different traders. Low cost trading portfolios are our recommendation for beginner traders. On the other hand, we support any portfolio composition of experienced traders.  

Indices are a good choice because… 

  • Build a diversified trading portfolio
  • They are the perfect solution for long term trading goals
  • Advanced strategies are executed to trade them.
  • They are suitable for new and experienced traders

Why Stocks or Indices?

Stocks are available for a vast range of industries- so you can choose to trade in the field you know better. Diversify your trading portfolio by choosing the top performing stocks of the market.  

Boosting profits

Stocks’ performance change as time goes by. Stocks have a habit, once the company announces new products or services, stock prices go up. It is a great moment to grow your profits.


Stocks are traded on a daily basis, all around the world. This makes them dynamic, powerful and flexible to be traded anytime during the day. You can jump quickly from one position to another from buying to selling.

Profits in both direction

Markets go up and down. The beauty is that you can open buy or sell positions and profit while the prices go up or down. You decide which company is suitable to invest at a particular moment , and what direction to go.

Why trade indices with Horizon Invest?

Our advanced package of trading tools and professional guidance will never let you down. There is plenty of information, data, news, prices, movements, events which shake financial markets. You will have them in real time at your disposition.

  • Easy-to-understand graphs and accurate market data
  • Live stock prices available, so you know what to populate your portfolio with
  • Trade without interruptions on MT4 or Web Trader platform
  • Stop loss and take profits conditions available for any level of trading
  • Negative balance protection available to protect your financial state
  • Free information to compare EPS between companies
  • Updated information over market capitalization of companies
  • Updates over stock prices fluctuations against unpredictable market events
  • Trade stocks individually or a baskets of stocks (indices)

Main Indices Live Prices

Indices Live Prices